Best of Pop Goes Your World 25: Fun With Caveman

Based on the positive feedback we have received in regard to the “Fun With Caveman” segment of the podcast, we have put together a “Best of” episode containing only the final segment of the show. If you enjoy Millennial trivia, Generation-X trivia, movie facts, music quizzes, game shows or you just enjoy having fun with Millennial and Gen-X pop culture, you’ll enjoy taking a trip back with Chris and Derek as they have fun with all of these things. 

Included in this compilation:

EPISODE 108: Sequels We Wish They Would Make (Derek has to guess the titles of the worst sequels ever made.)

EPISODE 109: “The A-Team” (2010): Movie Review (Derek has to try and guess the titles of movies based on TV shows.)

EPISODE 110: “Meatballs” (1979): Movie Review (Chris has to guess the titles of movies with food in the title.)

EPISODE 111: Best TV Theme Songs (Chris gives Derek the first few lines of a TV theme song, Derek has to guess the TV show.)

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Theme song – “Fantasy Life” by H-Beam provided by Music Alley.