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Derek Myers

About Us

It’s Gen-X vs. Millennial pop culture. Every week, Chris McBrien helps Generation X listeners take a trip down memory lane by reminiscing about movies, TV shows and music from the 70’s and 80’s. Derek Myers promotes everything he can from the Millennial generation.

Why Listen?

# 1

NOSTALGIA: Chris takes Gen-Xers on a trip down memory lane.

# 2

WHAT'S NEW: Learn about what's NEW in pop culture from Derek.

# 3

DAD JOKES: Chris tells a new dad joke every week.

# 4

TRIVIA: Each week, we delve into trivia in the final segment of the show.

What People are Saying

“Derek and Chris have that chemistry we all want in our favorite show. ”
Michael Govier
“What an awesome podcast. The conversations are so effortless and easy to follow. Absolutely in love and am now a big fan.”
“Chris and Derek do an excellent job of breaking down movies of different generations.”

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