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United StatesUnited States2018-12-195Epic Film GuysWonderful Conversation!What a wonderful show. The production quality is tip-top, the conversations are in-depth, and the topics are always interesting. Chris is easily one of the best podcast hosts you'll ever hear as he and co-host Yancy delve into films, lists, and other wonderful discussions. Wonderful show. I first heard Chris on The Podstuff with Perry & Lindsay Johnson and definitely had to check out his show when I did. Amazing work. Definitely a show that should be in your rotation.
United StatesUnited States2018-09-295Ekrat<3I love Yancy.
United StatesUnited States2018-09-165Jess.GriffI listen for Yancy!This has become my favorite podcast! Chris and Yancy have great chemistry and always makes me laugh and think about things in a new light! Props to Yancy and his taste in movies and music! I feel like everything he recommends or talks about is my favorite!
United StatesUnited States2018-08-285Dacapital37Great team workLove listening to Yancy and Chris. I put my headset on at work and they help me get through the day. Although I think Chris needs to give Yancy a jeopardy retry!
United StatesUnited States2018-08-225Slomo67Love it!This is Mo from GenXGrownUp and Jon recommended your podcast and I'm glad he did! Great podcast!
United StatesUnited States2018-03-105Rice WomanGreat concept!I just discovered this pod and subscribed right away! It’s like a trip down memory lane for me (Gen X). Very entertaining and fun podcast. ~Jami (Murderish podcast)
United StatesUnited States2018-01-315DollsbeepEw MillennialsDespite my extreme dislike for Millennials, I listened to this show and now I only dislike them 80%. That’s how great this podcast was. Future listens may reduce that to 79% or lower, so be like me and subscribe!
United StatesUnited States2018-01-315charisdillonI love this ideaThis is the coolest idea for a podcast! Can't wait to hear more! I am also a millenial but love love love pop culture from GEN X!
United StatesUnited States2018-01-305BSPodPhxGreat Dynamic!I love the concept of this show. Two men from different generations introduce each other to different aspects of pop culture from their own generation. They may be different, but definintely yin and yang Quite entertaining! Definintely will keep listening!
United StatesUnited States2018-01-295JoshuaSManleyPop Culture AwesomenessGreat conversation with great chemistry between the hosts. Sometimes that can make or break a show. Good stuff. Definitely will listen to more!
United StatesUnited States2018-01-255<B>obmanGreat Podcast!!Really enjoy the contrast between the two hosts!! It's a fresh take and this podcast definitely stand outs among the rest!
United StatesUnited States2018-01-245chileangumbinoChris and Yancy do a great job!Great show guys
United StatesUnited States2018-01-245JarrodactorGood Stuff!This show is all about host chemistry and fun topics. Definitely worth a listen!
United StatesUnited States2018-01-125Mark from BklynGreat concept and conversationAs a Gen Xer who knows many millennials, I totally relate to the conversations Chris and Yancy have about pop culture. They have a great back and forth--good balance of funny and intellectual. Excellent production quality.
United StatesUnited States2017-06-265Tylermad123Best pod out thereThe knowledge and perfect flowing conversations are the best out there.
United StatesUnited States2017-05-035Justin LoneroFantastic PodcastChris brings a level of honesty and sincerity that most Pods lack.
United StatesUnited States2016-10-215Pats3323This podcast is awesome!I love this podcast. Chris and Yancy have great chemistry. The lists are really good and filled with trivia. Very entertaining
United StatesUnited States2016-09-185Dsparks003Pop CoupleOn June 27th Chris Mcbrien was asked to leave the podcasting world That request came from his LIFE. He knew it was time, but he also knew that one day he would return to her. With no one else to talk to, he started a show with his friend Yancy Eaton. A year earlier Neal Wolfgang asked Yancy to leave podcasting, requesting that he never return. Can these two men discuss pop culture once a week without driving each other crazy?
United StatesUnited States2016-08-155In This LeagueFantastic PodChris and Yancy are top notch! This is a must list
United StatesUnited States2016-08-105Girth AlgarAnother Great Podcast From Chris and Yancy!I've been a fan of what Chris does for a few years now. I was pretty much a day one listener of his old show, the Dear Mr Fantasy Podcast. For some weird reason he even had me on as a guest. I looked forward to the new episode every week and he never disappointed. It was always fun, interactive and very informative. Then the show got even better when Yancy joined and brought a new perspective and friendliness to the show. These guys know how to podcast and they're some of the best in the business in my opinion. Then Chris and Yancy decided to start a new show. Pop Goes Your World had me hooked after the first few minutes. It was an instant subscribe for me. It's very fun and the Gen X vs. Gen Y concept is great. The only thing I don't like about it is that I couldn't give jump into the conversations myself. They seem like they have so much fun with each topic. So if you love pop culture this show should also be an instant subscription, download and listen every week. Congrats on the new show, fellas!
United StatesUnited States2016-08-065jjcinnjChris McBrien shines againI've been following Chris McBrien since his days with the "Dear Mr. Fantasy" fantasy baseball podcast so it comes as no surprise to me that he once again has struck gold with "Pop Goes Your World". The topics he picks to discuss and flow of the conversation make me feel like I'm sitting with a group of friends at a BBQ knocking back a couple of cold ones. And let's not undersell Yancy Eaton; he's spectacular as the millenial point of view and even paints the generation in a positive light with his vast knowledge of pop culture. Throw this on your iPhone during your commute or at the gym and you're guaranteed to emerge with a smile on your face!
United StatesUnited States2016-08-025StumptownDaveMust Listen! Another Winner!I love this show! I am shocked to find 2 guys that are not only kind and respectful to each other, but extremely knowledgable. The chemistry is so good its seamless, and relaxing, the listener is taken back in time and sees it like it was. While each has a totally different viewpoint there is never the point/counterpoint contest that detracts from the message. I have listened to first 3 episodes twice and picked up nuances and small tidbits that add to the whole. Like a second reading of a great novel. This show makes me laugh, cry, and sometimes bemoan the fate of Pop Culture! If I could hope for something it would be a show on telephones, that possibly would have a guest Boomer to tell how it really is!
United StatesUnited States2016-08-015thecoldmailmanIntense aural satisfactionMcB and Yancy play well off each other, and represent the generational gap between them well. It's this foundation that gives this podcast staying power and can push them through infinite pop culture discussions. Chris is also a warehouse for trivia it seems, which adds to the appeal of the show. Despite NEITHER of them giving Will Ferrell props during their SNL episode, which is borderline unforgivable as far as my opinion is concerned, this is a fun pod to listen to and it seems like they are hitting on some great topics. Recommended!
United StatesUnited States2016-07-285Bob6369183Very EntertainingChris and Yancy have a great dynamic. Entertaining and light-hearted. Highly recommended.
United StatesUnited States2016-07-285Casey VarnerA delightfully funny podcast.A delightfully funny podcast with arguably the nicest Canadian, Chris McBrien and the nicest American, Yancy Eaton. For real, I know both of them personally and they are stand up human beings. It's great to hear their takes on pop culture given the gap in ages between them. They mostly discuss hot topics and how they view it from their perspective generation. With Chris being a GenXer and Yancy being a Millennial it makes for a hilariously interesting conversation. Chris and Yancy are very innovative and I can't wait to hear how this podcast grows. I highly recommend it if you enjoy listening to good friends playfully discuss pop culture.
United StatesUnited States2016-07-285Jsssssss4352Great podcastI love both of these guys. Entertaining podcast with a wide range of viewpoints. Must subscribe and listen. Another Chris McBrien home run!
United StatesUnited States2016-07-285Jjordan223Pop Culture ExplosionsIf you enjoy pop culture discussion, there isn't a better podcast. With Chris and Yancy you get 2 of the nicest guys around and their discussions are fun, and full of knowledge. I'd love to see these 2 on a game of jeopardy as I'd wager money that they'd be playing again tomorrow.
United StatesUnited States2016-07-285AnskyfanGreat concept!!!Chris and Yancy are a great team!! The differences in their ages makes for great listening. Being closer to Chris' age I relate to him more but love how Yancy and Chris interact!! Their chemistry together is tremendous!!
CanadaCanada2018-08-315ArkannosAwesome show!!!I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this show. Both hosts are energetic and enjoyable to listen to, with an interesting and unique dynamic. The Gen X Jeopardy episode was loads of fun, and I truly empathized with Yancy’s valiant efforts. This show truly makes you appreciate the previous decades and I think it’s a great to see two people bridging that generational gap via podcasting. I’d love to see a ‘flip-the-script’ Millennial Jeopardy in the future! The dialogue between both Chris and Yancy is going to keep me coming back for more. Keep up the great work on a wonderfully entertaining show!
CanadaCanada2017-04-195KalyncurtGreat ChemistryNot only is the content interesting in itself, the chemistry between the two hosts makes the show enjoyable to go along with all the great topics. The format usually contains lists which is (for me) always a home run and really engages the listener. Super cool guys with individually different takes on pop culture which can only serve to broaden your horizons. The only complaint I have about the show is that it always ends way too soon. Great job guys keep it up!
CanadaCanada2017-03-015DarWoytFun Pop Culture PodcastKeep up the great work, guys. Excellent format. Interesting perspectives across the generational divide.
CanadaCanada2021-02-015booooooum roastedWe need more songsPop culture - Goooood Movies - Goooood Podcast - Goooood If you’re a movie buff and want to test your knowledge this is a must listen. One of my favs!!
CanadaCanada2021-02-015SaundermetricsPop culture vs gen x, dad jokes, this pod hits a dinger!Hey, if you’ve decided to read the reviews you may as well click on this pod and subscribe. Chris and Derek do an excellent job of breaking down movies of different generations. They produce a well researched, entertaining & edited show. One of my biggest pet peeve‘s with podcasts are interrupting each other and going off topic, these two are pros and stay on point throughout.
United StatesUnited States2021-10-055NotBAMFFun conversationSome great reviews to go with other enjoyable things like top five lists or drafts, I really like the idea of a Gen X-we debating a Millenial on the merits of each’s pop culture! The show has some great segments and two fantastic hosts. Tune in!
United StatesUnited States2022-01-1551111leeleelee1111Deserves a 5 star rating ALL DAY!I’m super jealous of the voices on these men! What an awesome podcast. The conversations are so effortless and easy to follow. Absolutely in love and am now a big fan. I was born in the 70’s and most of my nostalgic memories are from the 80’s. If you can say the same…LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!💙
CanadaCanada2022-02-025CJM45So much funSo much fun!
United StatesUnited States2022-03-075Michael GovierGreat Concept!This has become one of my favorite shows! The amount of content they can pack into one episode is great for a mind like mine. Derek and Chris has that chemistry we all want in our favorite show. And if you love dad jokes, there is always one guaranteed for you every show. Follow Pop Goes Your World now!
United StatesUnited States2022-10-145Littleb3Like Chatting With Friends!Really enjoying this show! I’m always collecting fun and informative shows and this is a great one, with very listenable hosts! I will never tire of listening to people who know what they are talking about describe their favorite things and that’s exactly what this is!
United StatesUnited States2023-01-235pmintheamfanGreat show!Amazing content and professional production quality. Overall a wonderful show!
United StatesUnited States2023-02-085michaelburgettFun and Entertaining ShowIt’s a fun listen hearing films broken down from the Gen X and Millennial perspective. Can tell how much the hosts enjoy the subjects they talk about