Pop Culture in the 1990’s

Gen-Xer Chris McBrien and Millennial Yancy Eaton discuss their favorite pop culture from the decade of the 1990’s. How much in common will a Millennial have with a Gen-Xer when it comes to 1990’s pop culture? The guys each present their top 5 list of their favorite things about the 90’s. Surprisingly (or maybe not) there was no crossover between their lists. Yancy’s take on the 1990’s is significantly different from that of Chris’.

The guys had received some feedback from listeners that the decade of the 90’s wasn’t represented enough on the podcast. So, the guys responded with an entire episode dedicated to the pop culture of the decade. They mention some of their favorite movies, TV shows and music from the years 1990-1999.

During the “Fun With Yancy” segment, Yancy tries to guess the titles of 1990’s songs from snippets of the lyrics (given to him by Chris).


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Theme song – “Fantasy Life” by H-Beam provided by Music Alley.
“Top of the Pops” theme – “Warm Up” by Alain Galarneau provided by Music Alley.