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Chris McBrien is an experienced podcaster, TV host and radio personality. He spent over 4 years as host of the popular “Dear Mr. Fantasy” baseball podcast which landed 2 Podcast Award nominations, a Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association nomination for “Podcast of the Year” and an FSTA nomination. A proud Gen-Xer, Chris’ love of pop culture began as a child and has stayed with him to this day. He is determined to share his love of everything 70’s and 80’s with his 2 young sons (good luck with that!). In his ‘spare time’ he is a professor at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario.


Yancy Eaton


Yancy Eaton is a Millennial from the Sunshine State with experience in podcast production. When he isn’t managing a key department in a major retail chain, he spends his time watching movies and television shows from his generation. An avid reader and lover of science and astronomy, Yancy’s take on pop culture from his generation’s perspective is the perfect complement to ‘old man’ Chris.