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Hello Cancer WTF

Our good friend, Perry Johnson of the “Hello Life, WTF” podcast has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. He needs our help. Please consider visiting his Go Fund Me page and helping him in his fight.

In March, Chris appeared as a guest on Perry and his wife Lindsay’s other podcast, “The Podstuff Podcast” where Perry and Lindsay helped to promote us here at “Pop Goes Your World”. Chris and Perry had lots in common, most notably, their mutual love of singing old TV theme songs from the 1970’s. Perry and Lindsay are huge friends to many podcasters and have spent time and energy trying to tirelessly promote others through their efforts.

Perry has been a great help to us around here. Now, he needs our help.

Please take a minute to visit his Go Fund Me page here:


Perry and Lindsay need our help. Let’s show them some love from the podcast community.